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Feb 17, 2013 9:30pm EST
think my honorable friend makes a very good point. this government has made available money for a council tax freeze, that has the consequences in wales that that money is there for a council tax freeze. and people in wales knowho to blame if their council tax isn't frozen but it is the labour assembly government in wales. they are to blame. they are the ones who are charging hard-working people more for their council tax. [shouting] >> we remember the prime minister promised he was going to force -- [inaudible] can be prime minister explain why the energy bill contains no such commitment and why he is broken that promise? >> i have to say to the honorable gentleman he is completed wrong. the energy bill does exactly what i said in a house. it is legislating to force congress to give people the lowest tariff. >> thank you, mr. speaker. schools -- [shouting] >> i'm sorry to mr. speaker the opposition -- >> order. gift courtesy. there was a collective groan. [laughter] >> notably, notably on the opposition benches, and it's quite inexplicable. i have called for the good doctor
Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
of the tribal government and communities. i am also pleased to welcome our distinguished guests in washington d.c. and those listening around the country to the 2013 state of andean nations. across the country, students, teachers, businesses have gathered to watch this event together. among many events we are pleased to be joined by students from the laguna middle-school, boys and girls club have a greater scottsdale tribes like the muscogee creek nation, confederate tribes in the tele, reservation and hosting tribal parties brought this is by many areas of the country have also pleased to be joined by the college of the nomination, the american indian college fund. these are just a small selection of events happening today and they want to thank them and all of you for joining us. we have an incredible turnout here in washington d.c. and i like to acknowledge your guess in the studios of distance-learning. and the administration which showed it a lot in the white house. dr. ruby doe from hs, lillian sparks administration are native americans and also representatives of key federal agencies tha
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
be in league with another government agency that wants to deport them and that's the problems with 287-g and some of the other information-sharing protocalls. for community policing to work it's hard to have the trust and support of the community. and by the way, if these criminals go unprosecuted in our community and unpenalized for taking advantage of somebody and that not being reported, their next victim could very well be an american. their next victim could be your family. could be my family. and that's why we all have an interest in community policing of law enforcement as well as public health to make sure that people are inoculated and treated early for disease regardless of their status. now, look, the status is not to have this population here illegally. whenever we're talking about this enforcement, yeah, it's tough. there is no right answer. the right answer is comprehensive immigration reform. let's find a way where the people that we need here that have critical jobs in our economy, that have families that are in our community, that have kids that are american and going to
Feb 17, 2013 10:30am EST
, legislation that keeps the government funded and running. he wants to keep that separate from sequestration. explain why and what might happen on that. >> i think it is a stop-gap measure. it is not a real bill or appropriation bill that funds the government. it is basically avoiding government shut down. i don't think mr. rogers was to have a discussion on how to avoid the sequestered until we get very close to a government shutdown if people cannot agree on which to do it. one thing we did discuss, that is important for people to understand is that the sequestered woodcuts overall government spending by $1.20 trillion for the next nine years. this year, it would be $85 billion. how rodgers, the way he would present, he would write that the government would be funded the way it was last year, but if the sequestered takes effect, it would cut off -- >> a big part of this process? >> it is unclear exactly how all of this will work. part of it is that sometimes, if you talk to some of the people, the new were more ardent er moreatives, -- the new wer conservative members, they take the view t
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
are investing in clean energy instead. >> and the importance of this particular decision the government must make on the xl pipeline in terms of the continuing crisis of climate change in the country and around the world? >> that is the challenge. last year we had record droughts and record wildfires and temperatures a full degree above. the first big test of the president for his commitment to climate change is whether or not we're going to build the pipeline that would take almost 1 million barrels of oil every day, the dirtiest oil on the planet, ship it through the u.s. and have most of it be exported. what we're trying to do is to convince president obama he needs to put his full muscle and full ambition to match the scale of this challenge. not just about the pipeline, but making sure we're turning away from fossil fuels, the most extreme sources of dirty energy everywhere, drilling in the arctic, blowing the tops of our mountains, building this tar sands pipeline -- all of those would deepen and extend our dependence on fossil fuels when clean energy is growing by leaps and bounds. it
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
government and have very different views about what should be done. because of this, parses want to organize and coordinate but campaign finance laws but restraint of that. laws were designed during canada-centered elections and parties to an answer that much. we did it matter that much. we knew where the money was coming from. now we have super pacs and there is a severe mismatch between a high stakes system an old- fashioned laws that force money outside the regulated system and things will only get worse as every member of congress wants their own super pac and we're going to have an arms race. i don't see it becoming evidence that citizens united will have an impact on this. let me start with redistribution. total spending did not explode like many said. at least it doesn't seem that way from initial estimates. total spending was about the same or slightly less compared to 2008 based on estimates by the center for responsive politics. re close to the previous election and it includes all spending. same is true for congressional elections. total spending seems to have declined by 300 mill
Feb 15, 2013 2:00pm EST
. they are even more ferociously committed to the legacy. the problem is what does the government do, because it is responsible for this reply -- for these libraries. >> see details challenges as a former director of the nixon library. >> the house of home and security oversight -- witnesses include james gilmore and officials with the government accountability office. the report highlights government programs and agencies that may be vulnerable to fraud, waste and abuse, and mismanagement. this is just over 90 minutes. >> the committee on homeland security, somebody on oversight and management and efficiency, will come to order. the purpose of this hearing is to examine the efficiency of this department of home and security and how widely the are spending taxpayer dollars. let me begin by extending a warm welcome to the other members of the subcommittee. i am looking forward to working with the ranking members as we both share a commitment to u.s. border security and ensuring our board agents -- ensuring our border agents receive the support they need to protect homeland. also look forward t
Feb 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
's not a real bill that funds -- it's not an appropriations bill that funds the government. it's a way of basically avoiding government shutdown and i think the reason mr. rogers doesn't want to have a discussion on how to avoid the sequester is because, again, it's very close to a government shutdown because people can't agree on a way to do it. one thing we didn't discuss i think that's actually important for people to understand is that the sequester actually would affect a continuing resolution because the sequester would cut overall government spending by, you know, $1.2 trillion over the next nine years and this year would be $85 billion. so i think hall rogers, the way he would present it would be he would write -- the government would be funded the same level it was funded last year but a sequester takes effect, it's going to cut off the amount of -- >> the amount of money the appropriators have to work with, andy taylor, are they a part of this process? >> well, it's unclear how all this will work and part of it is, as roxannea and i were discussing before we talked to the cha
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
with libyan government officials in the attack. white house official wrote, "secretary clinton called libyan president el-megarif on behalf of the president on the evening of september 11, 2012, to coordinate support to protect americans in libya and access to libyan territory." that angered graham. >> the president of the united states did not make any phone calls to any government official. and libya, the entire period of the attack. he called government officials on september 12, after everybody was dead. >> we would not have gotten answers but for pushing for this. frankly, the more answers we have gotten i think we have shown here that this was a national security failure. >> late today, president obama said chuck hagel is imminently qualified to be secretary of defense. the president says he deserves a vote and predicted eventually he will get confirmed. >> bret: mikes, thanks. we just got word from the pentagon that panetta is heading to california tonight, to monterrey. the ride is also getting bumpy for the president's choice as top spy master. the complication and confusion continu
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm EST
. president obama's state of the union address presented an expanded vision of smart government to create jobs and revive the economy. it had many important ideas in it. yet, he lowered his sights on the single policy that would both jump start the economy in the short term and create the conditions for long-term growth. infrastructure spending, having tried several times to propose infrastructure bills of around $50 billion, just 0.3% of gross domestic product, the president now further scaled back proposing a fix-it first plan of that repairs 70,000 bridges that are literally falling down nationwide. maybe he thinks this is all he can goat through the american house, but will place a band aid on america's growing cancer of failing intrastructure. a 2009 study of u.s. infrastructure by the american society of civil engineers concluded that we need $2.2 trillion to be spent over five years to bring the nation's roads, bridges, railway tracks, airports and associated systems up to grade. let me make three crucial points. first, this is the big bang. it would be the most effective way to create
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am EST
include an official from the government accountability office which listed several areas under dhs control in his most recent high-risk list. the report highlights government programs and agencies that may be vulnerable to fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement or are most in need of brought before. this hearing should get underway in just a moment. live coverage here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations] >> the committee on homeland security subcommittee on oversight and management officials will come to order. the purpose of this hearing is to examine the efficiency of the department of homeland security and how wisely their spending taxpayer dollars. let me begin by extending a warm welcome to other members of the subcommittee. i'm looking forward to working with the ranking member ron barber as we both share a strong commitment to u.s. border security and ensuring our border agents receive the support that they need to protect the homeland. last september, ron and i attended the dedication ceremony of the bryant a kerry border patrol station in arizona on wrangled patrol agent brian ter
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
and special investty -- investigative to study all laws and government activities are involving nonmilitary research and development remaining the same. i'd like to extend a warm welcome to the witnesses today, really appreciate you guys being here. also, i want to welcome our returning members and our new members including the subcommittees' ranking member and distinguished gentleman from new york new york. i look forward to working with you all and the ranking member on this committee. today's hearing focusing on intergrating unmanned aircraft systems or uas, into the national air space. as a pilot, i'm extremely interested in this issue. specifically, we hope to gain a better understanding of the risk, the technology obstacles, and key research and development efforts being undertaken to overcome the obstacles. uas has garnered a great deal of attention lately. in fact, if you watched the news this morning, there's a lot of -- lot of news about this issue. in january, pbs's "nov a" had a documentary called "rise of the drones," and last week's "time" magazine cover carried the same title
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
's expanding. as the mba working with the government to allow for release of additional american films and especially non-censored american films? >> sure. for many years laments are not just us, it is global. only 20 foreign films including around could be screened in the chinese market them as a result of a chip eto, world trade organization case negotiation of a trade office did a terrific job, were able to increase to 20 to 34. obviously china decides that it's going to allow the viewing public to see and said they do control that and that's great surprise. they have their own standards of what they assert that to allow to be show in their theaters. i mention in my remarks that what has happened is despite the size of the country, very few theaters in china. recently the chinese decided this is something they want to provide for their consumers and build in opening up 10 new screened today in the country to the point where they have 11,000 a few sicko was a handful. so we're working on it all the time, going back and forth then again there some issues that come up, but we think it
Feb 18, 2013 3:00pm PST
-led government and minority sunnis. u.n. investigators said today the time has come for suspected war criminals in syria to face the international criminal court. carla del ponte, a member of a u.n. commission of inquiry, said even if there is ultimately a peace settlement, it must not give a free pass to those accused of atrocities. >> i'm concerned about what he's done in the political side to achieve peace and to negotiate peace. what i'm sure that once international justice is dealing with this case, it is no amnesty at all. >> sreenivasan: the commission found the civil war is increasingly sectarian and radicalized on both sides. it also cited the spread of weapons as a growing concern, and urged the international community to curb the flow of arms into syria. another member of the u.s. senate has decided to step aside. republican mike johanns of nebraska announced today he will not seek a second term next year. in a statement, he said he wants to spend more time with his family, after spending 32 of his 62 years in various offices. johanns is the fifth senator to announce plans to retire
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am EST
during his last state of the union address from his first term. [video clip] >> we know government does not have all the answers. we know there's not a program for every problem. [applause] we know and we have worked to give the american people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in washington. we have to give the american people one that lives within its means. [cheers and applause] the era of big government is over. [cheers and applause] but we cannot go back to the time when our citizens or left to fend for themselves. [cheers and applause] instead we must go forward as one america, one nation working together to meet the challenges we face together. self-reliance and teamwork are not opposing virtues. we must have both. host: president bill clinton and after the government shutdown. that took place during his administration. we're talking about your favorite president. george is an independent in new york. caller: good morning. bill clinton, because he took a country that was -- he received the country from george h. w. bush, who did not seem to be a strong president to me, did
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
of the federal government. the government calls them dead beats because they haven't paid back tens of thousands of dollars loaned by the government even though they graduated decades ago. plus, we'll show you what happened when we asked dr. press about his failure to pay. the board said your license has not been renewed. why are you operating? >> i'm not. >> reporter: you're dressed in scrubs. you don't want to come out and talk to us? now in court today when dr. press did not show up, his attorney asked the judge not to issue a bench warrants in this case saying he has concerns about his client's mental health. the judge agreed to that and did not enter a bench warrant only because dr. press' attorney agreed to make sure the doctor showed up in court. we're live in northwest baltimore. back to you. >>> people drink them for energy, but they can be dangerous. now monster is reacting to changes you can expect on the labels the next time you pick up a can. >> you're looking at pictures of the carnival cruise ship. the first look at the disgusting conditions onboard in just a couple moments. >> hi
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
and to retool to make government required summer blends of fuel with different areas of the country requiring a dozen different blends. >> and that puts pressure on prices. switchover itself you usually see increase of somewhere between 20 cents to as much as $1.10 per gallon. >> california has one of the strin jent blend with the highest gas taxes in the country so its fuel is often expensive. the national average is $3.73 a gallon for regular in california it's already $4.99. the price of oil itself affects the price at the pump. that price has been rising in part because of concerns about iran that overlooks the strait of hormuz which oil tankers flow. possible interruption of supply is why many analysts say north america and president obama should be doing everything we can to become energy independent including building the keystone xl pipeline from candidate. >> that is the harbinger whether we need all of the above strategy or if it's campaign rhetoric. activists are determined to block the pipeline and held demonstration to demand they prevent the construction. canada on the other han
Feb 13, 2013 4:00am EST
. >> and president obama used his state of the union address to challenge a divided congress to make government work for the many. the president touched on a wide range of issues including gun control and immigration. his hour-long speech focused mainly on the economy. he's backing higher taxes on the wealthy, more spending on infrastructure, and manufacturing jobs. the president also proposed hiking the u.s. minimum wage to $9 an hour, tying it to the cost of living increase. he also urged lawmakers to resolve the budget battle that will result in billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts on march 1. >> let's set party interest aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. let's do it without the brinksmanship that stresses consumers and scares off investors. the greatest nation on earth -- [ applause ] >> the greatest nation on earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. [ applause ] >> we can't do it. >> and on foreign policy, the president says he'll withdraw about half t
Feb 16, 2013 10:00pm PST
bands in the world, fun. >>> a government prepares for the apocalypse. >> canada will never become a safe haven for zombies ever. >>> and the dance that's everywhere, even here at cnn, the harlem shake. >>> just when you think we've got it all worked out, cutting-edge technology, scientific breakthroughs, miracle medicine, lately there's been talk about colonizing mars and many of you carry around a supercomputer right in your pocket. but just when you think you have it all worked out, the univers reminds us, we really don't. case in point, friday a chunk of space rock gets sucked in by the earth's gravitational pull. then streaks across the sky above russia. as it rockets through the atmosphere, friction heats the front of the rock a lot more than the back of it. the huge temperature difference is too much and essentially turns a meteor into a bomb. it explodes into a bunch of pieces. and what you're hearing here, that boom, boom, boom, is this -- take a look. those pieces are moving so fast they set up a series of sonic booms and it's just a scary sound. the sheer force is destru
FOX Business
Feb 18, 2013 11:00am EST
's new stadiums. we are live in their water, florida. rich: we are at spring training. government dollars, taxpayers, major league baseball, we will have it all coming up. ♪ dagen: when it comes to our nation that, following president obama's plan to put the united states on a path to becoming worst off than greece in 22 years, this is according to a recent barron's article. we have two guests with us today. i am not biased based on the origin of where i came from. ladies, it is great to see you. i want to know, why is this not a problem? why should we not worry? >> we absolutely should. the fact that it was in the lead story and barrens is a very respected news organization, not interested in scoring political points. they point out that the president said, the state of the union is strong. compared to what? we are in a serious problem here. the president is saying that the deficit is under control. we are not in good shape. we need to be concerned about the fact that we are heading straight towards greece. no need to worry right now. why is there reason to act? >> you have two scenari
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm EST
back. >>> ohio republican government john kasich in the news these days. conservatives are heaping praise over his tax cuts but some don't like him taking expanded medicaid money from obama. conservatives, some of them, don't have any nice to say about john kasich at all. more or less you have 20% income tax cut across the board, joining a whole bunch of republican governors across the country who are leading the way while washington is raising taxes. the liberals of course i was reading the "columbus dispatch" and what not, they were saying tax cuts for the rich, that's all you're doing. >> larry, in addition to lowering the income tax so everybody doesn't scoot out of ohio, we're also providing a 50% tax cut for all small business, all pass-through entities, whether they're s corps or llcs. you got a business that makes $200,000, they exclude $100,000. >> on that point, why did you put add 750,000 cap? why cap it at all? if it's a successful small business person and you're giving them a very nice tax break, it would see you wouldn't want to cap for the incentive effect. >> we do
Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
isn't just between big government and big business. >> that brings us to this morning's squawk. >> it was a tough gig. >> exactly. >> other than samsung and golden spring, what product shid mshoud marco rubio be a spokesman for? it was an ungraceful move to get -- to go out of frame and get the bottle. do i do it, do i not? >> the irony is a lot of people saw that as him opening his campaign for the candidacy of the gop last night. for 2016. because of the way in which he addressed it. it was much more to the rank and file to the gop than mainstream america. >> that's true. we're also saying it neither helped nor hurt him. >> no. >> it was sort of middle of the road. and unremarkable. aside from the -- >> a young politician. mark zuckerburg is hosting a fund-raiser tonight for new jersey governor chris christie who is seeking reelection. jane wells is at the expo in california. good morning, jane. >> hey, simon. this is a massey ferguson wind rower, can be yours for $175,000. farmers have money and they're spending it despite the drought. the usda said the good times may not la
FOX Business
Feb 18, 2013 9:20am EST
're making a mistake. the only reason that it looks like the problems are getting better because governments around the world are creating so much inflation to cover them up. and it's inflation that's driving the stock market higher. you mentioned gas prices and inflation is driving gas prices up. pretty soon people are going to realize that inflation is a lot worse than the governments let on and i think that people are going to start to embrace gold in a big way. >> hold on a second, we've got japan saying we must have inflation, and we want some inflation because they've had a period of deflation and they're printing yen like crazy and prime minister says you, the central bank of japan if you don't print money we'll change the rules and make you print more. they don't have inflation fear. >> sure they do. deflation through the roof and prices aren't collapsing in japan, they weren't rising, but good for the japanese consumer-- >>, but, hold on a second, peter. there is no inflation in japan. the price level today is virtually unchanged from what it was three, five years ago. it's not ther
Feb 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
. the countdown is on. congress has 11 days left to avert sequestration, a series of automatic government spending cuts and would affect government security. the $85 billion in cuts could lead to furloughs for as many as a million workers. many republicans say it is too late to postpone the cuts. >> we are here because the president's in the last session of congress refused to cut in any place. we wound up with a sequester. >> with congress adjourned, there are only four legislative days left for them to take action to avoid sequestration. democrats are one step closer to filling the seat. they nominated nina harper to finish out the term. the -- she died last month. she was the longest in the house and the first african-american ever to share in a committee in maryland. >> a very short time ago, we were on the edge of a big nor'easter that produced 40 inches of snow in new england. we are on the edge again of a big nor'easter. not as powerful as a short time ago. eastern parts of new england, more snow, it gave us a lot of wind today. in some cases, a little sleep or light rain. pulling up into c
Feb 13, 2013 1:40am PST
this government works on behalf of the many, not just the few. >> reporter: as the president gave the state of the union address, a noticeable presence of victims of gun violence. >> it has been two months since newtown. i know this is not the first time this country has debated how to reduce gun violence. but this time is different. >> reporter: the president also announced that half of the troops now serving in afghanistan, about 34,000, will be home by this time next year. but the focus remains primarily on the economy, with several proposals including a plan to raise the minimum wage. >> tonight, let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty. >> reporter: republicans spot back, the response given in both spanish and english by marco rubio, who accused the president of hurting the middle class with deficit spending and tax hikes. >> the idea that more taxes and government spending is the best way to help middle class taxpayers, that's an old idea that's failed every time it's been tried. >> reporter: now the president will
Feb 18, 2013 3:00am PST
in other areas of government. the senate has panted a bill to replace the sequester. the president gave a speech showing he'd like to replace it, but he hasn't put any details out there. that's why i conclude i believe it's going to take place. there's no leadership on the other side of the aisle and therefore no agreement. >> bob is the man who literally wrote the book about the budget battle. put this to rest. whose idea was the sequester, and did you ever think we'd actually get to this point? >> first, it was the white house. it was obama and jack lew and rob neighbors who went to the democratic leader in the senate, harry reid, and said this is the solution. >> all right. meanwhile, senator lindsay graham is suggesting one potential -- >> i'm sorry, could i interrupt? i had a munchkin in my mouth. >> no, you can't have those. you're supposed to have your greek yogurt. >> i'm trying to make a point with a visual aid. this is like defense spending. done. gone. >> before the day has even started, you've just -- give those to me. >> i'm not homer simpson. what do you make of what woodw
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am PST
is the governing body, a great place to go to find out information. but in general, as i was saying, this is such a rare incident that i think for people who go on regular cruise, every the 14 ships of carnival canceled, i've heard those pople are already rebooking their cruises. so people who are regular cruiser, they are committed to cruising. for people who haven't done it before, they're skittish. however what i'm super impressed by and what we've heard over and over again is how well carnival has hammed the situation. as you said, it is a pr nightmare for any company, but they've come out very forthcoming about what they're doing, giving them their money back, giving them credits toward a future cruise, giving them $500 in cash per passenger. and that is very much beyond what they need to do. >> all right. well, good for them. sounded like the crew did a really good job of trying to help them get through that difficult five days. i'm not a cruiser myself, but i'm willing to give it another shot. >> well that's good to hear. and actually incredibly this might be a good time to l
Feb 17, 2013 8:00am PST
the big clash of what government should do and be all about and how it will play out and we're talking about water, not how much your government is going to spend on what. >> my theory about this politicians are so stage managed and journalists are so glad when something unscripted happens we focus on it. you're absolutely right. him characterizing himself and talking about his background, this is the rehearsal for what republicans will say about immigration and there was stuff there. >> so much time to fill. >> talking about how you fill the time and story selection choices. there was this calamity on the carnival cruise ship "triumph" where it took several days for the crippled ship to come to port. 4,000 people were affected. cnn covered that heavily than any other, renting a helicopter and a boat. important legitimate story and some critics say cnn went overboard. >> went overboard, no pun intended. i grabbed a life jacket and watched a lot of it. cnn went overboard. most people went overboard. but there is a real good story here. 2% of americans, millions of americans go on these
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
government is ordering a thorough investigation after a deadly stampede in the northern indian state. 38 people are confirmed dead. most were returning from a large hindu festival held once every 12 years and attended by 40 million people. railway officials are blaming the government for not warning them of the mass crowd. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. >>> then candidate barack obama promised to roll back many of the national security programs from the bush administration which he felt stepped on american civil liberties. today a new poll shows voters appear to think president obama is just as bad if not worse than his predecessor when it comes to trading his civil liberties for security. tonight's reality check, sam brock joins us and takes a look at one of president obama's policies warrant that kind of criticism. >>> good evening. there's a perception among some folks that president obama governed far to the left. the truth is when it comes to defending our country, actually far more conservative. i think some of the most controversial elements of president bush's policy, adding som
Feb 18, 2013 8:00am PST
to the east of me that live at the tarzans. the government does not recognize these people, and these people have been dying a mysterious cancers, their water is polluted, their animals are sick, and mother earth is sick. >> we're here to make a difference. we're here to be in solidarity with all of us to understand that we have a very slim opportunity to make human life continue to exist. that is our choice. >> groups opposing coal production, nuclear power and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas participated in the protest as did a number of interfaith organizations. several smaller parallel rallies were held in cities across the country. more after headlines. if the obama administration has confirmed reports it's drafted a backup plan should congress fail to pass congress of the immigration reform. according to usada, the obama proposal would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain legal permanent residency status within eight years while containing massive spending on border militarization. president obama returned to his hometown of chicago on friday as part of a post-state of the unio
Feb 14, 2013 4:00pm EST
be years before travelers see any major change. bankruptcy court and the government still have to approve the deal. some think less competition will mean higher airfares. >>> and group modelo. makers of budweiser and corona beers say they have made concessions to try to convince the justice department to sign off. it filed a lawsuit last month, saying it would create a beer monopoly and mean higher prices for consumers. general motors says profits nearly doubled last quarter. it made money in north america. and $700 million in europe. an investment group that includes billionaire warren buffett, includes heinz. it is the largest in the industry, valued at $23 billion. the company also makes classico spaghetti sauce, ore-ida potatoes. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. >>> a louisiana news team joins the latest dance craze. the man in the background starts the harlem shake, while the anchors look at their scripts. then the beat drops and everyone gets in on the action. the dance phenomenon, it's sweeping the nation, believe it or not.
Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
colleagues on this side of the aisle. that amendment would require the federal government to balance its budget each and every year. is that such a crazy idea? well, no, it's what every family has to do. that's what every small business has to do and that's what 49 states are required to do under their laws. this amendment to the constitution, it would be the 28th amendment to the constitution including the first ten which of course are our bill of rights, it would require a congressional supermajority to raise taxes or to raise the debt ceiling. as i said what moment ago, families roos america have to balance their budgets and, of course, along with the budget brings the discipline of deciding what your priorities are, the things you have to have and can't live without, the things you want but have to defer and then the things maybe you'd like to have but you simply can't afford. well, this number right here, 1,387 days since the senate passed a budget, is one reason why our debt continues to go up by leaps and bounds, and there's no plan in sight to bring it under control. here's the b
Feb 17, 2013 8:00am PST
are demanding government protection after a bombing killed more than 80 people on saturday. the blast also injured more than 160 others. the remote activated bomb was hidden in a water tank at a market in the town of quetta. police say the neighborhood is mostly shi-ite. pakistan has seen its share of attacks on shi-ite muslims. they have been increasingly targeted by militant groups who view them as heretics and non-muslims. >> up next on kron four news weekend. and a navy seal team 6 member believe to be the one that fired the shot to kill osama bin at lawton says that the government has abandoned him. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ a seal team six member believed to be the one who the m
Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
government loss. one gunshot owner said, this is legal trade. not the black market. virginia's background check system or gun sales appears to be effective. the system has prevented more than 16,000 felons from buying guns since it was started back in 1989. more than 54,000 transactions have been denied during the last 24 years. that includes drug abusers mentally air -- ill, and domestic violence offenders. >> guys presses are still going up. the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $ 3.71. this is the 31 straight day of gas increases. >> bmw expand its recall. the automaker is recalling about 570,000 cars in the u.s. and canada. the battery cable connector could fail and cause the vehicle to stall. the three series models made between 2007 and 2011 as well as coupes and convertibles from 2008 until 2012. so far, no major injuries have been reported. metro track ropes -- trakcck works continure.e. on the blue line as well as on the green line between greenbelt and college park. trains are single tracking on the red line between rhode island avenue and takoma. >> she is on
Feb 15, 2013 11:00am PST
that governs litter pick up in the city. community standards 146400 is the graffiti standards bylaw. our bylaw is unique to other cities in that we don't focus on the definition of graffiti, we focus on whether or not graffiti is considered a nuisance on a property. so the bylaw is written such that it has to fall within the definition of community standards, the nuisance property and therefore we're not ever restricted by a definition and people arguing whether what's on there fits within a specific definition of graffiti, it all falls within whether what is on the building constitutes a nuisance. it also gives strength to it because we don't run into the possibility if somebody says that, well, i want it there because i gave permission to it, permission is not a factor, it's whether or not it's a nuisance property. in canada some jurisdictions have their bylaws such that they can charge taggers with fines for doing graffiti tagging. we don't have any such ordinance in our city. graffiti is managed on the enforcement side as a crime under the criminal code of canada. so just quickly
Feb 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
neighborhoods was observed, was on city infrastructure. other government considered 19 percent and of that 97 percent was on canada post boxes like they are the drop boxes that the mail carriers use for picking up their mail to deliver. they are being phased out, though, so again within the next year or so, those boxes are going to be phased out in edmonton so we'll see if it makes a change in graffiti results. but it also assists us in terms of how we approach them. so we take this information to canada post and basically say, get rid of the gray boxes. so, conclusions. edmonton's method for auditing graffiti vandalism is unbiased and effective as far as we've been able to determine. we use the results to work with the edmonton police service to determine our other services. the graffiti index and intensity index allow for specific locations within the neighborhood. we found we had significant results over the first year, in terms of the decrease 42.7 percent and while we have leveled off this year, we are confident that by analyzing the neighborhood data we will be able to make strong
Feb 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
or government or private, that information was logged so we could have a sense of where the taggers were targeting. who were they focusing in on? 509 thing that was interesting that was mark's idea was to track where they went next. the areas weren't exactly the same and they weren't uniform in size, so we wanted to have a way of measuring where or what the intensity of the graffiti was over a particular area of space. so what we did was -- or mark did -- was develop a graffiti index which takes the number of tags in a specific area and divides it by the hectares or acres of land in that area, giving you a unique value for that neighborhood in terms of how much graffiti was there. this allows us to be able to have comparisons not only between neighborhoods but also within the neighborhood between the hot spot and the random area. a unique factor --. >> i was wondering why 4 blocks by 4 blocks was selected. >> it was just determined as a managable space, given the budget we had and the time period we had to do it. it takes about two weeks in terms of field data collection. anything lo
FOX Business
Feb 11, 2013 9:20am EST
. ben carson for president as far as i'm concerned. >> are you going to trump govern-- trumpet governor perry's visit on your radio show. >> i will. stuart: you could be a traitor to the formerly golden state. >> i'm he pro america and the whole idea between federalism, 50 states are supposed to compete against each other for scarce resources and those are high income people and job produce herbs, i don't blame rick perry for doing what other people do, good old-fashioned american competition, instead of calling it a fort what the governor did, reducing the regulatory burden on businesses so we don't have people leaving the state. stuart: larry elder, you put it well. thank you very much, larry. >> you got it. stuart: here is what we've got for you new at ten. you heard about the jump in gas prices. we've got one governor trying to do something about it directly. and the governor of virginia mcdonnell will bring a proposal to abolish the gas tax and he's coming up on the show live 10:15 eastern on this program. zynga, i keep calling them the phantom pigs people and they're a winner and
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